Tupton, Chesterfield, Derbyshire.


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During the Winter months local venues will be open for residents of Tupton to enjoy a free drink and a chat in a warm environment.

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Warm Tupton




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2022 Christmas Market




15 July 2023 - Tupton Gala



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2022 Tupton Gala



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Tupton Gala

In 2022 we are holding our second Gala.in Tupton. Similar to the Tupton Carnival it's being held  on Saturday 16 July. A parade is taking place though the village with floats, bands and other items before the Gala starts on the Tupton Primary School field.



Tupton War Memorial

Outside St. John's Church is a War memorial for 42 soldiers who died in WW1, 12 soldiers who died in WW2 and 11 parishioners who were killed on 15 March 1941 in Tupton. Click Here.

Tupton Local History Society

Apart from a website we organise a programme of events covering a wide variety of subjects. We meet four times a year, organising speakers who come and talk about local history, and further afield.   READ MORE

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